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friendly. versatile. professional.

Conversational. Natural. Crazy in-your-face. Silly. Sarcastic.

I provide voices and narration for corporate and educational videos, online learning projects, web video, on-hold messaging and IVR systems, animated character voices, radio, TV & online commercials, documentaries. I also do AUDIO PRODUCTION for podcasts, web video, radio, and TV.

those who know.

I’ve provided voice and commercial production for some pretty big names, but even more so for small-to-medium sized businesses around the globe who are looking to brand themselves in radio, TV, or online.

Contact me if you’d like to discuss how voice and audio can be applied to your business model above and beyond the standard TV and radio commercial strategy. There’s lots to discover!

what can i do for you?

In addition to voice recording and editing, I’ve done full audio production for podcasters, Youtubers, businesses looking to add audio content to their websites and social media… the possibilities are staggering! Voice is a powerful tool, and many people today enjoy being able to WATCH or LISTEN to their content during their commute, at home, waiting around for appointments, etc.

Think about it – maybe adding voice and audio to YOUR brand would be something your clients and customers would really get into. If you’d like to explore the possibilities, drop me a message and we can talk!

Your version of the spot was better than the one we paid our marketing consultant for!

Bernadette M.

Wireless Solutions

Nothing I can ever do or say can express my gratitude for all you’ve done. Your patience and hard work mean so much!

Grace R.

Cumulus Broadcasting

Randy has some of the best pipes on the air. He voiced our national radio ad and we got a higher response rate than any other read prior. When we asked a few of our customers what they thought many said that he comes across like “someone they can trust”. Great to work with, great results!

Roger Schnur

All Works Media

here’s the scoop

I’ve been voicing & producing commercials and narrations for over 25 years, and have provided services for companies like AT&T, Coca-Cola, Subway, Sonic Drive-In and more. My specialty is narration voice for e-learning, corporate audio/video and medical narration, but I also do character voices and dialects and a boat-load of radio and TV commercials, too. I’m a hermit who resides inside my Cave of Audio most of the day, fixated on my screen and glued to the microphone until my tasks are complete. I’m also hard-wired to receive timed bursts of caffeine every 25 minutes via a human drip system I designed myself. I go out at night to experience and record the various sounds and ambiances of the dark city, but must return before daylight. I don’t watch movies or TV – I LISTEN to them (and sometimes get to show up in them!).

To say I couldn’t do without you is an understatement. Thanks for all your great work!

Mary M.

Thank you for the multiple options and being so accommodating. Looking forward to working with you again!



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IVR on-hold systems
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